Who are you down 4?

Down4Us started with three individuals in a luxury hotel room on an annual Vegas vacation. Who knew one routine trip will change the course of how we expanded our family. Conversation started with one us giving each other advice on the many trails we encounter, I believe the exact words were, "You always have to remember who is down 4 you" ... there was a moment of silence and acceptance. Breaking that silence, one of us corrected the statement with the reassuring words of  "No, you always have to remember whose down for us". From then on wordplay took it upon himself to brand it put the money behind it and also bring some trustworthy people along for the ride and  to never forget our bond, our family, our drive, and most importantly our commitment to the message we want to push to the world. Down4us is more than just a brand or a group. Down4Us is a lifestyle, a lifestyle that we all live by through any and everything. Experience our journey, and hopefully we inspire you and yours to be a part of it. Who are you Down 4?



CEO, Rapper, Visionary 



Co CEO,  Recording Artis, Producer.



Chief of Operations, Financial advisor




Photographer and Visual Artist.